Beltaine at Our Haven
May 2-5, 2019

Details and Registration Info

Early registration prices close January 1, 2019.
(This is payment postmarked for mailed payments)

Early Bird Pricing: $40 per Adult $20 per Teen

Online Registration or At The Gate
There is no membership discount at the gate
Attendees or 12' frontage for vendors
Larger area for vendors available upon request
Adults over 18 - Weekend Only
Children ages 13 - 17
Registration for children 12 and under
Day pass
paid at the gate.

Camping - Camping is permitted in nearly any suitable location throughout Our Haven except for those areas specifically designated for vendors or where your campsite would be an obvious obstruction (in the middle of the road or right in front of the main stage would likely be a bad idea).

Hunting/Fishing/Foraging - No hunting/fishing/foraging without prior approval of Our Haven staff.

Children/Minors - Children under the age of 18 are welcome and encouraged to attend. All minors are the responsibility of their parent(s) or duly designated guardian or caretaker. All children are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all guidelines set forth. Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the festival without refund. Children are not allowed in the Clothing Optional area unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Waste management - Keep your camp area cleared to trash and clutter. No cigarette butts or other debris is to tossed on any part of the grounds. Keep foodstuffs contained and sealed up to eliminate wildlife raids (remember, you're in the woods). Plan to remove your own trash from your campsite when you leave the festival. We strongly encourage you to bring a majority of what will become trash in paper form as this can be burned on site.

Security - While visiting Our Haven obey all local ordnances and laws. Once you are at the festival, you should plan to remain on site for the duration. Daily supply runs will be provided by Our Haven staff for small items needed from the local market.

Responsibility - Be responsible for you own welfare and for the welfare of those in your charge while at the festival. Our Haven will not be held liable for personal loss or injuries while attending the festival.

Community - Please attend the daily Community Meetings. This is a community event and your participation is what makes it so. Everyone is expected to sign up for and work one two hour work shift during their stay at the festival. If you choose not to or can't serve your two hour work shift, you may buy your way out of it for $10 payable upon entrance to the festival. Participate in the community and the community will care for its own.

Respect - We had hoped this section would not be necessary, but we're afraid it is. Respect those of differing spiritual tradition, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. Be quiet and respectful when appropriate to do so. If you are unsure when these times are, ask or keep quiet. Be honest and trustworthy in all your dealings while at Our Haven.

Do not bring - Alcoholic beverages not intended for personal consumption, firearms, or illegal drugs. The local constabulary tends to frown on such activities.

Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN