Beltaine at Our Haven
April 26 - 29, 2018

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Gina LaMonteStorytelling and the Tarot
Learn fantastic techniques for unearthing the stories beneath the cards and relating those stories in a clear and effective manner. This is a Tarot class AND a creative writing class, so bring your favorite Tarot and/or Oracle Deck, a notebook, and a comfy pen. If you forget your deck, don't worry - Gina will have plenty on hand.

Gina LaMonte a.k.a. Mama Gina, along with her alter-ego Nine Toes the Bard, tours the country, strumming 12 string acoustic, tapping frame drum and djembe, singing truth with a side of blues, and sharing the mysteries that the Gods, Goddesses and other extraordinary souls whisper in her ear.

With five CDs under her belt, and her collaboration with 13 other amazing Pagan bands/musicians on "The Green Album", she's really listening to those Gods and Goddesses, and receiving airplay on music podcasts and radio within and beyond the Pagan realm, including, International Pagan Radio,, Murphys Magic Mess on, the RaginŐ PaganŐs Pagan Sunrise and Jerry Waller's Biscuits, Bacon n Blues, both on WKRP in Orlando, FL, and Bree Nobles' Women of Substance Radio in California, where she won the distinction of having her song "Weed" place in the top 20 playlist for all of 2015. This Bard is just a little bit giddy about being nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year 2017 for the 2017 International Pagan Music Awards.

Mama Gina will be sharing songs from her previous endeavors, as well as highlighting some new, zany songs from her upcoming "Nine Toes the Bard" CD - due out Spring 2017. Bring your friends and family! Bring your shakes, rattles and drums! Get ready to sing along! Come celebrate the Bard!

Her websites are:
Mama Gina Music & Reverbnation.

Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN