Beltaine at Our Haven
April 27 - 30, 2017

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Alfred WillowhawkThe Warrior Within Release Workshop is designed to introduce the concept of the Spiritual Warrior. This workshop allows for the participants to tap into the inner spiritual warrior! It introduces the aspects of the self; physical, emotional, logical, and higher, through awareness and mindfulness in order to begin to learn about the internal consensus building that is a great assistance in truly being a Spiritual Warrior. These tools assist individuals in manifesting their true desires and lead a balanced and harmonious life that each individual controls. Bring a blanket or a chair and be prepared to better control your own world!

Alfred Willowhawk DMsc, is ordained as a metaphysical minister by the University of Metaphysics with a Doctorate of Metaphysical Science and a traditional 3rd Degree. He is one of the founders and senior clergy of the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church. He has been helping people manifest themselves to their highest potential for over 20 years. He has also creator of the healing system Celtic Transformational Healing. Alfred is the host of the weekly radio show The Warrior Within Show on WCAS radio Friday nights at 9 PM Eastern. His published works include Manifesting True Desires: Learning from Arianrhod and the Tree of Life; I Am Healer, Storyteller, and Warrior Priest: Learning from Arianrhod; Creating Guided Meditations for Yourself and Others; and Hawk Sightings. He is a contributor to Witchvox and has been featured in The Witches Brew magazine.

His websites are: Warrior Within Release,,

JackieLakeyJackie Lakey has been a facilitator of the Our Haven Labyrinth at many festivals for several years. Come join Jackie as she honors her teachings, and her teacher, as she facilitates the labyrinth at Our Haven's Beltaine 2017 festival. She will share more as time passes, and she will answer any questions she can about the labyrinth and it's magic.


Gypsey TeagueGypsey Teague - Author of "The Witch's Guide to Wands" A complete Botanical. Magical and Elemental Guide to making, choosing, and using the right wand: Amazon.

About her book:
Gypsey believes that the wand is the most important component of the witch's toolbox. Serving as an ultimate big book of wands, here is:The clearest exposition of the names, spirits, and attributes of woods for wands.

  • The clearest explanation of wand anatomy
  • The most complete explanation of how to access, shape, and channel magical forces from wands
  • A fresh and useful approach to wands for specific magical practices
  • A useful guide for a witch to form a partnership with her wand

Based on her deep knowledge of plant science and ethnobotany and years of magical practice, the author examines the uses and benefits of each wand component (primarily woods, shrubs, grasses, vines, and some metals). She also explores their associations to various gods and goddesses, relationships to specific types of magic, and the results a practitioner can expect to achieve. She also includes tips and resources for finding materials, handcrafting, and correspondence charts for easy reference. The final section focuses on the wands used in the "Harry Potter" series. This is the ultimate guide for witches and pagans everywhere.

I am looking forward to her Workshop on Wands at Beltaine!

FaceBook: Gypsey Teague

ByronByron Ballard - We are pleased to announce that Byron will be offering 2 Presentations for Beltaine 2017!

Byron Ballard is a WNC native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, Pantheacon, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference, Glastonbury Goddess Conference, Scottish Pagan Federation Conference, and other gatherings.

Her essays feature in several anthologies, she blogs and writes a regular column for Witches and Pagans Magazine. Her book, "Staubs and Ditchwater", debuted in 2012 and the companion volume "Asfidity and Mad-Stones" was published in October, 2015. Byron is currently at work on, "Earth Works: Eight Ceremonies".

For more info:

Miki BowMiki Bow - The Pyrate Queen of Guerrilla Bellydance will be offering workshops at Beltaine 2017!
A pirate's twist on bellydance is a wonderful thing! Technique, strength, purpose, music, laughter...admit it, you wanna take part in it. I'm sure we will catch her dancing all over Our Haven!

Visit her facebook page for more info: Miki Bow

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