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For those who have been asking, yes, Ginger Ackley will be performing for Beltaine 2015!!!

Ginger Ackley, a Texas native now happily transplanted to Ohio, has taken her life-long passion for music and combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded into a delightful style of Celtic Folk. Performing both traditional and original songs, she sings while accompanying herself on one of her six autoharps, or joyfully jams with other artists on her pennywhistles. She has been described as songwriter in the old style, and audiences often can't tell the origin of a given tune. Her CDs cover a spectrum from original to traditional, mystical to educational. Be prepared to laugh, cry and clap along during one of her performances!

One of her CDs is called “All Earth’s Children” and is a collection of songs for kids (of all ages) about the Earth and the changes that happen around us. Ginger has a lot of music for everyone, though… but loves to work with the young ones, for sure!

Ginger will not only be playing with Brian Friday night she will also be offering a special performance for the children!

Please visit Ginger`s web site for a sample of her music! You will NOT be disappointed!!! The address is: www.gingerackley.com.

Brian Henke will be performing Friday Evening!
Brian Henke composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, drawing his inspiration from the world around him. An avid hiker, he often brings his guitar along to create a spontaneous response to his outdoor settings. Mother Earth (Terra) as artist has given an immense living gallery from the humbling spectacle of her natural wonders to the simple, beauty of a treetop against a blue sky. Her majestic legacy and the magical feeling of awe and peace inspire the compositions of this award winning virtuosic fingerstyle guitarist.
Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN


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Manelqua Elder & co-founder of Our Haven will be offering a Workshop on the reason for & the importance of Our Haven! Click for Manelqua's page on FaceBook

Mary Elder & co-founder of Our Haven will be offering a Workshop on the Meaning of Beltaine. Click for Mary's page on FaceBook

Leslie Watkins (Baba Alani) The Guy With The Drum - I DRUM! I play and build DRUMS. This is something I wanted to do as a kid! Daydreamed a lot about touring with Santana.

Back in 1997 I started learning African rhythms under the collective tutelage of Oginga Khamisi, Baba Charles Miller, M'Bemba Bangoura, Hamidou Kovoigui, and Baba Atibah. Around about 2000, I heard some serious doumbek drumming by Raquy & the Cavemen. I have attended several workshops hosted by that phenomenal lady and her then-husband, Liron Peled. Recently I have been having a great time playing for several tribal belly dance troupes as part of Impetuous Yak, in addition to African dance classes. However, the most fun are the improvisational jams in the park with hula-hoop acrobats, fire-spinners, trance dancers, and really spirited drummers!

Drumming is an addiction --There are far worse ones indeed-- I want to be the Quincy Jones of the local drumming community. Let ANY & EVERY body dance to the beat of my DRUM! ^_^
Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN